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'Forgive this' cast

Hi All,

FINALLY! I wanted to get this done so damn bad! More commissions the rest of this week, then this weekend is comic time!

'Forgive This' is about the positives of unforgiveness thru Deus's journey to that conclusion.

  • More about them (about cooncret, but minor tweaks later):

  • AND, more about the world building is linked in the discord 'Forgive this' rp channel in the fydbac server (linked on the site if ya not already there!).

Thank ya'll again for your support! I look forward to telling this story, as well was 'kill limit' and '', and AH! SO many I wanna tell! (but sticking to the select few to focus on). Still working toward the seasonal plan!:

And hope ya'll taking care of yourselves out there! Remember, every downswing if followed by and upswing....Except for if ya get caught in a black hole event horizon: where trying to escape just means going farther in--but never mind that, that's only in the case where the laws of physics are eradicated. And ya in a human body, so that's impossible for you!


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