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VoyageLA interview + L.A. bookings + Oct. PEKRS

Hello all!

So I was tagged for an interview and...if interested:

Please feel free to share with whoever you know may be interested, and perhaps want a tattoo in LA and want further convincing aside from my work!



Oct. newsletter PERKS:

  • Non-Benefiters: $50 off/ hourly

  • Basic Benefiters: 1 free hour

  • Royal Benefiters: 2 free hours

  • Note: session minimum must still apply: See 'booking' for more info.

No code this time: Simply request the perk be applied BEFORE YOUR SESSION (either in your booking info, in a cell text, or even before you sign the consent form), you just gotta remember to let me know you'd like the newsletter perk, and I'll use your email to verify if you qualify for the perk (if your were one of the recipients who saw this exact post).

As long as you request it BEFORE you sign the consent form, the perk can be applied!


Once more and always, thank you once again for your support and patience!

And i do hope you are taking care of yourselves and not letting stress hold ya down too hard!



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