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This is for directly supporting a specific fydbac original comic project active on!


  • each quantity = sponsors 1 full hour towards drawing content of a project of your choice! A comic page, character profiles, illustrations, etc.
  • Page sponsorship shout-out: A grateful shout-out of your name will be posted somewhere near the page: "page sponsored by [you]"
  • Benefit members [ star dust+]: have access to the ipm promo code which grants $40 off this sponsorship (since being a Member is sponsorship already :) ).


Note: comics listed here are considered "active" and can be read on

May be recycled out for any other comic idea, 20+ of which are shared in the library

[Benefiters auto support ALL: more info]

sponsor a comic

    • A grateful shout-out of your name or username (not both) : 'page sponsored by [ example: Jainai J. ..OR... fydbac@da/fa/tumblr ]'
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