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ALL original: no copying, no imitating. Custom work is on an hourly rate, While pre-made (flicker, bolts, FLO, & Blink sheets) are all flat rates.

Freestyle tattooing: illustrative & FLO style!



Pre-made designs

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Pre-made designs are ALL flat rate! Flickers, Bolts, FLO, and blink sheets (only during tattoo events). NEVER repeated/recycled!

Once taken, it's GONE.

Starts @ $300



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504 Washington St. Suite 8, Vancouver, WA 98660

Payment Options

See f.a.q.


For the latest tattoo work, events, deals, & more, follow Instagram! As it's updated weekly!

~Benefiters automatically get $20-$60 off the hourly rate, unlock the lower rate for tattoo event sheets, & more!


Official day for tattoo deals

start @ $80

  • Start @ $50 for Benefiters!

  • Lower cost on flicker designs

  • RSVP mandatory . LIMITED SPOTS

  • See IG highlights for available designs.

.Benefit Program.

Monthly or Annually

Tattoo benefits start @ $5/mth

  • Lower hourly rate

  • Tattoo fund

  • Reserve designs online

  • unlock lower prices during tattoo events

  • Plus MANY more perks!


Even more deals!

Take advantage today!

  • Referral program

  • Special Fliers

  • Gift cards

  • Deals on specific tattoo projects


1. Remove protection (if med bib) before going to sleep or you wake up or (if film) no later than 12 hours (if "snake skin"), or 24hrs if other brand provided. If you decide to re-apply a new film, follow their instructions.

2. Wash with mild soap, using only your hands. NO CLOTH.

3. Make sure shower does not hit tattoo directly.

4. Make sure no shiny spots remain. If they do, clean that spot again.

5. Let air dry. NO CLOTH.

6. After cleaning, leave it alone till next cleaning!

7. Repeat daily for THREE WEEKS.


. If real dry, dab a little silicone based moisturizer on said dry area (NO petroleum based, NO shea butter, and NEVER too much).


. If available, complimentary after care kit will be provided at the end of first session


. remember .

There are several different approaches to caring for one's tattoo, but they all share the following:



scratching . direct sunlight . pool . beaches . bath . 

running water on tattoo . exposure to unsanitary conditions!

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