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. How to Join? .

1. Become a site member!

2. Sign up for the Benefit program!

3. You're now a Benefiter! Enjoy the MANY perks!

. Benefit Program .

Marble Surface

. Price of selected Level is withdrawn ONCE a month on the recurring day you sign up.

Marble Surface
.| See F.A.Q for more info and answers .|. Subscription not your thing? Feel free to tip.
Marble Surface

. Exactly the same as the monthly perks, but on a one-time payment.

. PERK to an annual sign up: immediate full year art fund, save % off monthly .



The benefits of becoming a Benefiter! : FAQ for more info

*See f.a.q. , Benefiter perks, for full details!


Reaching each goal means more benefits for all! | . FULL DETAILS .

Modest . 50 benefiters

level 1

  • Guaranteed fydtales update once a week.

  • 1 raffle per month: merch, comm, tattoo, etc.

Comfy . 100 benefiters

level 2

  • Seasonal comic projects

  • 2 raffles per month

  • Exclusive art services

Dream . 150+ members

level 3

  • Original content FULL TIME! 

  • [Raffle upgrade]: 3rd option: free tattoo! (no matter the size).

  • Free merch each month to ALL members!

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