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Benefit Program


About Benefit program

What is it?

To fund original content creation as a full time career: which explores the unexplored and kills off the mediocre and cliche! This support allows fydbac,llc to focus all energy into original content: comics, illustrations, tattoos, and more! The more who join the program, the more time that can be spent on fydtales projects!

Benefiter membership support goes towards the following:

  • fydtales: original comics & art books

  • Rent | bills | food

  • Upkeep on all fydbac, llc owned sites: | |


This also allows me to show appreciation of such genuine love and support by giving exclusive benefits!

Goal markers

Reaching a goal marker means an upgrade for both fydbac, llc and Benefiter perks!

Modest | 50+ members

Voted comic projects:

  • Benefiters vote on which mini or short comic project I focus on till complete.

  • 1pg/week.

  • Between 20-90 pages. Finished within 3 months.

  • + Seasonal long term comic projects: 1pg a week for Supporters!

  • Like a tv series, each season will focus on a long term comic project.

  • + Printed books of comic projects: free for all Royal levels, discounted for other levels. Full price for non-benefit members.

  • 1 raffle per month (where EACH member from all levels will win eventually): A free SKETCH: character ref sheet or request [non-OC]. See 'help' for details.

Ideal | 100

Benefiter membership will CLOSE once 100 members are reached! Folks will need to sign up to be notified when a space opens up.

  • 2 raffles per month

  • Concrete i.pity.mé comic schedule! A dedicated day once a week!

  • i.pity.mé 2pgs a week! guaranteed update: TWO pages a week! (public gets 1pg week).

  • Exclusive services: Only "Epi"+ level supporters will be able to order sketch services of their characters and 'client direction'.

  • Exclusive upgrade: will be available to ALL Supporters, not just "Epi" level.

  • book projects at production cost: i.pity.mé will be made into printed volumes. Characo collection books, Adopts, artbooks, etc.

Plus more as things evolve!


Through the join page on

Perks to 'Annual' join:

  • Saves compared to Monthly subscription (for royal levels)

  • Full art fund (if unlocked for your chosen level), is accessible immediately. Can be used for tattoo deposit, reserving online, or any other store on

How to CHANGE membership .|

You must CANCEL your current membership, and REJOIN at the level you wish to change to.


If your previous level have an art fund perk, and your new level won't, please CASH OUT before changing. More info in ART FUND

How to cancel membership .|

Simply do one of the following:

  • Log in on

  • Go to your Benefiter (subscription) page and cancel.


Please be sure to cash out your art fund the SAME DAY as you cancel your membership, so as to reap your perks to the fullest!

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