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character adopt .

Pre-made character design sketches [each are original from scratch, NOT BASE MODELS] to be used however you wish (NOT including profit/commercial/species).

  • Good for coloring practice, DnD characters, preliminary concept design, etc.. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! 

  • Select any add-ons (fashion, reference sheet views, gender change, etc.).

  • I will announce adopts on (in order): Benefiters, discord, twitter, and maybe FurAffinity.

  • Copyright restrictions apply: I maintain all profit + species rights exclusively, while buyer holds non-profit rights (role play, recolor, etc.). Unless you evolve the design: see f.a.q. for details!

. Need more help on how to use the store? View the tutorial playlist on youtube .

. Delivery .

Email only

  • NO add-ons: immediate delivery.

  • WITH add-ons: within 21 business days.

Deadlines are suspended Mondays and Tuesdays! 

. Includes .

  • hi-res jpg + PSD [lines, flat color layers]

  • Exclusive rights, see product for more details.

    • I cannot use the character myself for 1 year.

. No holds or payment plans allowed .

. See 'help', for more assistance .

. Remember .

  • ONE model per person. If you order one model, you cannot order another in the same order.  

  • You are prohibited from reselling or any profitable activities.

  • Your completed order is your agree to all terms under fydbac, llc.

  • See 'f.a.q.' for further rights.

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