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+ email DELIVERY info

+ email DELIVERY info


Feel free to IGNORE this product if you already know to put your username in the Notes AND your billing email is the same as your delivery email.

  • Username and email delivery ONLY!
  • Do not put ANY OTHER INFORMATION. No links, direction, notes, NOTHING but username and email.



  • Username@...

    • example: fydbac @ da/fa/tumblr/twitter/etc.
    • If no username@... is given, or you don't indicate WHICH site said username is for, you will not be properly credited (cause unfortunantly, we're not psychic)
  • Email delivery

    ONLY if your payment email is NOT the email you want the piece to be delivered to.

    . Put your desired email delivery here.

  • why $0.01

    • Because the system won't let us charge $0. 

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