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  • Questions BEFORE booking? Please ask me ANYTIME!

  • This site is the ONLY way to book with me: NO instagram DM, email, nor phone.

  • Deposit go towards your tattoo, becomes forfeit if no-show/no-contact, and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • You'll get date and time confirmation within 24 hrs of payment. Then you may log in to manage your own booking.

Type of bookng:
Type of consultation:
Design time:
Project vibe:
IF CUSTOM [4+ hours]: which rate would you be comfortable with?
01:00 PM
If dates unavailable, which days are best
Upload ONE unobstructed image of your area, please!

By submitting this form, you admit to reading and understanding all info. If your preferred date is unavailable, then you are prepared to accept any of the alternatives. Within 1 business day of payment, you'll be sent day, time, and location confirmation, and will be able to manage your own booking, (cancelling, rescheduling), by logging into your account here! You agree to dedicating the ENTIRE day to our first session, [for sketching (if any), freehand, then tattooing]! Unless discussed otherwise, you dedicate the WHOLE DAY to me alone, so I will do the same.

Submitting also shows that you are aware that only CASH is accepted in sessions (bringing the day rate is recommended), and only Benefit member may have options!

Further info can be found in 'Help'. If not, PLEASE feel free to contact me.

YES! Booking received!I'm looking forward to tattooing you!

· specialties ·

Drawn directly on skin before tattooing. No stencil.


sketching multiple concepts while the client watches.


No outside images: just my own imagination and the clients description (if any)!


: Showing love to previous Guest artist locations :
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