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About Booking

Booking is only on the website. I NEVER take books by phone, dm, or email. You manage your own booking (rescheduling, cancelling) by logging into

I take ONE tattoo per day so you will be my sole focus! Booking an appointment is an official agreement to all terms mentioned.


Tattoo booking vs. Consultation booking

  • Tattoo: same day tattoo projects (no consultation, pre-made, or 1st session after consultation).

  • Consultation: 1 full hour of exploring ideas + option of 1 or 3  finalized illustrations of design (gives the absolute closest idea of how the tattoo will look).

Booking is closed?

Announcements are of reopening is made in the following order:

. Appointment preparation

Please be sure to come:

+ Freshly rested, feed, and body clean!

+ Valid ID (drivers license, state ID, or passport) that'll match the name in your booking info.

+ Please bring NO outside material as "inspiration" or "reference".

. ADDITIONAL (If a tattoo session):

  • If possible, moisturize tattoo area with silicone based moisturizer 30-40 min. before arrival. (NO petroleum or Shea butter: Just silicone based)

  • ONE adult guest allowed.

LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME. I will tell you to reschedule + charge the fee if you bring a child under 15 with you. NOTE: when you arrive, if front doors are locked, please txt "your booking has arrived" to 424-236-2382


NON REFUNDABLE. NO exceptions.

All paymens made upon booking, goes towards your tattoo project.

Deposit becomes void if you are a NO SHOW (don't come to appointment, nor make any contact before appointment time), or you don't cancel/ reschedule BEFORE the time frames mentioned.


Best for if you want a finalized design before booking a tattoo session.

For 1 hour, we discuss ideas as you watch me sketch variations. Online or In-person available. I only book ONE consultation a day, except for tattoo events. Consultation deposit goes towards tattoo!

When you come for consultation, please do not bring any outside materials unless approved beforehand: no images of other artwork to "inspire" or show what you want is allowed. YOU and our discussion are the inspiration!

There are two design finalization options (both may require a design finalization fee):

  • 1 final design: You choose ONE of the sketches for me to take to a final version.

  • Up to 3 final designs: You choose 2-3 sketches I take to final illustrations, and you pick from those which you take home.

  • The 'variants' consultation fee DOES NOT go towards your tattoo session. It's ONLY to compensate for the multiple artworks I'll take to final.

You may choose to finalize a sketch before booking a session, OR go straight to booking a session. 

Only once the tattoo version is done, can you take home the original illustrative version. [note: I maintain the rights to ALL my work: more info]

Only those getting tattooed may enter the suite during consultation. No guest allowed at this time, not even in the waiting room.

.|. Wall art only?

Or want to take the illustrative version home before the tattoo is finished?

To take home the original piece (whether you wanted just wall art, or want it before the tattoo version is finished), you must pay a Take home rate: which is only determined AFTER I finish the piece.

  • If also getting the tattoo version, then the rate is applied as credit towards the tattoo sessions.

Take home rate:

$100/hr = wall art only

In-person consultation

Please bring the following (all are mandatory):

  • A clean healthy body

  • Valid ID (in case we proceed to a tattoo session).

  • NO outside images (unless we discussed it). Not for inspiration, exact copying, etc.

  • Unless you are getting a shared tattoo, it's preferred we engage in the consultation privately.

Online Consultation

Where: discord.

. Provide a pic of the intended area, and I can do sketch overs as we discuss.

. The charge is for compensation for such convenience, and does not go towards the tattoo.

Shared tattoo

Is one that matches on another person, or is designed to utilize both bodies as one piece when together, (while still being a piece in their own right).

+ Rate is NOT split. Normal rate/ deposit applies to all involved.

For both Consultation and Tattoo sessions

NO CHILDREN under 13yrs, unless you want them to help me with the tattoo.

After Consultation | Final Design

Two options are given at the end of consultation (see for deposit (hourly rate) amount):

  • A: Straight to tattoo ['same day'

  •  session]: Skip finalization and go straight to book tattoo session.

  • B: Finalization fee: Typically BEFORE you leave consultation, you choose ONE or up to THREE sketches I take to final. Finalization fee Does NOT go towards tattoo. 

Please give up to 1 month to receive an update. I send monthly updates to all active due orders. So if no word after a month and a half (1 month + 2 weeks), feel free to reach out! That would mean both email and text failed to reach you!


  • Deposits and Variant payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Even if the project is canceled going forward.

  • Final designs have no real deadline, but will be done as soon as possible: certainly within 3 months unless some life events cause delays (clients will be informed of such things).


  • ONE complementary SMALL revision allowed: Described in under 50 characters in length.

  • ALL revision requests after that, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, requires at least an $100 fee EACH request. No exceptions. Does not go towards tattoo or take home cost.

. About 'Color palettes'

  • Deposits apply towards 'color palette': done same day as consultation.

  • Can be requested BEFORE future session of main piece, or during 1st session of piece.

  • Your choice to have the palette as a stand alone, or be covered by the main tattoo project.

Client selection of colors to tattoo on a small area so they will have a better idea of what colors they like with their own melanated skin!


Recommend it's done same day as the 1hr consultation: so by the time it heals, the finalized tattoo design may be finished and we could get started on the actual tattoo. But it can be scheduled for another day after consultation as well.

Travel booking

If you opt to have me TRAVEL TO YOU, I will tell you which option to book, after you've paid the travel fee. No, I cannot book it for you.


Courtesy reschedules are as follows:

  • ONE courtesy rescheduling.

  • Benefiter perk: TWO courtesy rescheduling.

More than the allowed rescheduling requires a fee* (subject to change without warning) that DOES NOT go towards your session. 

Additional Rescheduling: $20 / each rescheduling

If I reschedule on you MORE than one time, I will give the option for you to cancel WITH refund of whatever deposit / prepayment was made.

  • If you paid a deposit: All the above applies.

Rescheduling time frame .|

  • Before 24hrs of your appointed time: You can manage your booking on the site!

  • Within 24 hours of your appointed time: You must contact me directly.


No refunds for any bookings. No exceptions.

If you can't make the original appointment time, you must reschedule (see above).

Cancelation time frame .|

  • Cancel BEFORE 24 hrs of your appointed time: The deposit will still apply to your session.

  • Cancel Within 24 hours of your appointed time, then you forfeit your deposit and must must pay new one.

|. Missed appointment: No show

Any paid deposit becomes null and void.

No matter tha reason for the missed appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please don't ask.

Unexpected life happened and it's past the 24hr mark?

I'm afraid refunds are STILL not allowed. Please don't ask to be an exception. Rescheduling or putting the session on hold (BEFORE 24 hours) is the best option.

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