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Besides the Benefit program, here are offers to non-Benefiters to assist in getting a tattoo!

Click each to download.

  1. Must have gotten a tattoo, prelim consultation, or bought wall art to qualify. Then refer by word of mouth, social media, etc.

  2. Your referral completes one of the following levels, and YOU receive a referral gift*!

  • If your referral comes with you: If you don't claim the gift same day, I'll put a note on your previous record so you can simply remind me with your next visit.

  • If your referral comes without you: Referral must mention your social media or email in the referral section of their consent form (It MUST match exactly to what you provided in your own form) , bring in a copy of your receipt so I can put a note on your record, OR To verify they were your referral, you must bring a copy of THEIR receipt when you come in next!

To claim your gift, you MUST remind me or ask me to check your record when you come visit. THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC.


*gifts may change without warning.

|.referral perks

level 1

Gets a tattoo during tattoo events OR reserve a flicker/bolt anytime

referral gift:

$20 off a blink sheet tattoo

(including tattoo event rates)

level 2

Becomes a Benefiter

(of EPIND level or higher)

referral gift:

Mystery lower rate on anything

(including tattoo event rates)

level 3

Gets a tattoo outside a tattoo event

referral gift:

$50 off one tattoo

(custom or flat rate)

level 4

Prelim consultation + tattoo session

referral gift:

$20 off hourly rate for one tattoo

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