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tattoo deals .

Besides the Benefit program, here are offers to non-Benefiters to assist in getting a tattoo!

Click each to download.

Marble Surface

|.Gift Cards

Put as much as you want to gift someone on the e-gift card. When they come in for skin or wall art, they simply request to have their e-gift apply to the total cost that day.

Marble Surface

|.referral perks

  1. Must have gotten a tattoo, prelim consultation, or bought wall art to qualify.

  2. Then refer by word of mouth, social media, etc.

  3. Your referral completes one of the following levels, and YOU receive a referral gift*!

  4. Referral mentions your full name or IG name in their consent form / appointment notes /checkout notes

To claim your gift, you MUST remind me or ask me to check your record when you come visit. THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC.


*gifts may change without warning.

level 1

Referral gets a tattoo during tattoo events

your gift:

$20 off a blink sheet tattoo

(including tattoo event rates)

level 2

Referral reserves a flicker/bolt/etc.

your gift:

Mystery lower rate on anything

(including tattoo event rates)

level 3

Referral completes a variation consultation

your gift:

free merch of your choice,

(book, shirt, etc.)

level 4

Referral becomes a Benefiter

your gift:

$20 off hourly rate for one tattoo

Active Fliers

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