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Quick HELP tattoo

"Quick help" for simple concise answers. For more thorough info, look through this help page (the search bar can help as well).

What are your tattoo rates:

See for current custom rates

I CANNOT predict how long big projects will take, PLEASE don't ask.

Nor do I work with "budgets", please consider joining the Benefit program!

How can I book:

Choose whichever you are most comfortable with. 'Waitlist' is for those who get overwhelmed from the 'quick' booking.

Can we talk about what I want before I book (or rsvp a tattoo event):

No, please book a consultation if you'd like to discuss the project before booking.

Can I see the design before I book a session:

No, as I'll create concept sketches in front of you as we chat for 1 hour or so when you arrive! You pick a concept you vibe with, then I freehand it on you (no stencil), and we start tattooing once you approve (see ig highlight for a walk through),

If you want to see a polished final design BEFORE tattooing, then book a "consultation". 

[reminder: Final designs are original wall art pieces the client takes home after the tattoo is finished. Except for "FLO" designs.]

Do you charge for consultations:

No. Booking anything does require the tattoo deposit, which goes towards ones tattoo. This is to ensure no "no shows" wasting my time.

What payments are accepted:

Cash only.

Benefiters perk:: cash, debit, credit, zelle, venmo, cashapp

What is the Benefit Program:

The primary assist in affording ones next tattoo/commission with me (lowering the rate, building a fund, etc.). 

Benefiters = Members of the Benefit Program

Join on

Can I get someone else to tattoo your design:

NEVER. Please don't be disrespectful even by asking. My designs are exclusively for those who book me. I do not design for others to tattoo. I'm exclusive to those who book me.

Can I bring my own design for you to tattoo:

No. Feel free to describe, vaugely, and I'll sketch my own interpretations as you watch.

Can I show you references:

No. My imagination + your description is all that is needed. 

Do you do cover-ups:

No. I prefer a clear canvas, BUT I'm open to adding to or building on an existing tattoo. Don't be afraid to ask.

Do I need an idea before I book:

No. I'm very open to artist reign, where I do whatever I want and you choose which you vibe with the most. 

Is there a chance you would decline a booking :

Yes, if it's clear the client didn't research me, didn't read anything: do things I specifically asked them not to do.

Thankfully, my booking process nearly guarantees I have the clients trust to let my imagination run wild!

Are there subjects you'd LOVE to tattoo :

LARGE SCALE, half sleeve and bigger! Creepy/horror, fantasy portraits, anything imaginary really!

Oh, and fan art, in my own vision of course. I won't do fan art of franchises i don't like tho (afro samurai, harry potter, etc.) Feel free to ask!

Are there things you WON'T tattoo :

Anything typical, cliche, and boring: realism, copying someone elses work, etc. 


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