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About Copyrights

The following applies to ALL artwork created by Jainai Jeffries, owner of fydbac, llc.


fydbac, llc

The creator of said artwork, Maintains exclusive rights to profit (excluding reselling), commercial, and publication. All remaining non-profit rights are co-owned between fydbac, llc (creator), and the commissioner (client).



The person/company who commissioned or ordered an original piece made solely by Jainai Jeffries, maintains co-ownership with fydbac, llc of all NON-PROFIT rights; which includes reposting, recoloring, preliminary design base, reproduction, any non-profit projects.

Client does not hold PROFIT rights: which include profit, commercial, and publication

  • The work is made for you, the client, to co-own for personal entertainment only.
  • I would love to see whatever reincarnations are made (re-color, comic, story, etc.). The rights to use the given artwork for commercial (profitable) reasons of strictly prohibited, and exclusive to fydbac, llc .

No longer wish to play with your fydbac concept?

[Available options. coming soon]


Usage by co-owner (client)

With any transaction, you agree that under any circumstances, there is to be...

  • NO profit
  • NO transfer of co-ownership without prior explicit approval.
  • NO removal of any signature/stamp/hanko/watermark and etc.
  • NO violation of my rights as the creator, owner, and full copyright holder.
  • Full credit mention

If you wish to share online: you must include a clearly visible credit and link back to me; If recolored, you must explicitly mention it is a collaboration with me as the line-art creator.


Species |

ALL fydbac species are a closed species: they are exclusively owned by fydbac, llc.

We share only the character design. Which means the following is strictly prohibited:

  • Taking any claim in the species.
  • Creating a new character of the same species.
  • Alter the species (see criteria on how to acquire full rights below).

Acquiring full rights |

fydbac,llc maintain profit/commercial rights for all work (concept, illustration, etc.), but we're co-owner with the client in all other rights, (reproduction, non-profit use, etc.).

If you wish to be the sole owner (where we release all rights; exclusive and co-ownership), there are one of two options:


Evolve the design

  • If you want exclusive rights without signing a licensing contract with us, then you must evolve the work that we, fydbac,llc, believe is at least 75% different than the original: simply email me to get approval. To gain approval, we must see the character (and in some cases, species), as being totally different from the original (not sharing any distinct traits in design or detail).

licensing/leasing fee

  • This releases my exclusive rights and co-ownership for the given work as is or alterations of up to 70%. Making you sole owner for as long as the contract dictates. The fee depends heavily on the order in question (concept design, characo, illustration, t-shirt design, etc.).
  • Range: $1000 - $5000 for 12 months/annual renewal based on previous year.
  • During the initial 12 months, you are the sole owner: free to use it in any commercial/ profitable endeavors until it's time to renew the contract. At the end of the term, profit rights for the work and full species rights transfer back to me exclusively: you keep reproduction rights until you decide to give the design away ( see above). If I wish to do anything with the design, (like publish), I'd need your permission.
  • Species rights, typically for any concept designs: during the contract, I would not be able to make any characters of the species without your permission. If you made different characters of the species during the contract, you keep said character designs, but the species rights transfers back to me exclusively.
  • A few stipulations would be included: such as no resale without my approval, no claiming to be the creator of the species/work as is, etc.

Non-profit commercial use |

The same applies: Solely because I cannot trust strangers to be genuine in their non-profit.

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