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Benefit Program


Benefiter Perks

Besides enjoying original stories, characters, dialogue, and designs you've never [or rarely] ever seen before? There are perks for ALL: those who commission AND those who don't!

There are 5 Monthly levels with varying perks! Each level includes all lower level perks below it. (Example: King level can use 5 promo codes).


Monthly memberships:

Each month, the amount of your chosen level is deducted from whichever payment method you choose.

  • $3 membership (monthly/annually) opens VERY rarely, and only for 24 hours! So best sign up for the newsletter, which has 1st dibs!

1yr memberships:

You pay the full yr of a chosen level all at once.

  • Prince and higher tend to be at least 15% off than if one was to join monthly for 12 months.

  • Access to the full yr art fund immediately (at the full amount as if you joined monthly for 12 months).

  • Star Dust($1/month) + Human($3/month are exclusively an annual option; no longer offered as a monthly subscription.

Comparative chart

The various perks of each level: Same as what's mentioned on :

Art perks

Psd's, Behind the scenes, exclusive content, Early access to comic pages, videos, and more!

***Sprinkled discounts

Automatic discounts on select art service options: process videos, add-ons, etc. They are offered at random and change periodically. Please never ask when, where, or how much.


Site membership

You gain Exclusive access to |.B.| pages on ALL official sites ( + once you are a verified Benefiter!


Tattoo benefits

Along with the Art fund that can be used towards ones tattoo [or fine art], there are other special benefits to being a Benefit member for those interested in getting a tattoo at ! Clarifications on the comparative chart details. SEE JOIN PAGE:

  • Limited to TWO perks per tattoo project: example, lower rate + art fund, Free hours + art fund, etc.

Royal Level exclusive perks :

  • 20% off membership

  • 1 yr art fund instantly

(Annual membership OR +6 months as a monthly:)

  • Free hours

  • Free Tattoo session


Half off CURRENT PUBLIC RATE. Not the Benefiter rate.


Art fund

. MORE INFO . transfering soon.


Join NOW

Benefit join page!!

Enough support would help me dedicate more of my time to making original comics, concepts, paintings, illustrations, and more! Promoting the death of the mediocre and cliche!

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