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BENEFITER VOTE: show flickers and bolts to non-benefiters?

Hey all!

So, i was thinking of setting up a page to show non-benefiters the available flickers and bolts (pre-made designs), All low-res, and only the photo pic, not the clean scanned version. So, if...

...Sure: Like this post

...Naw: don't like this post.

If it gets at least 10 likes, I'll consider it!

AND, they still won't see complete new pieces right away. They'll only get like, a wip picture at first. Or it may be the only thing they can see without coming into the boutique in person, or becoming a benefiter and heading to

So, "like" if yes, don't "like" if naw!

Thank ya'll again for your time! and once again and always for your support!

Hope you are taking care of yourself out there!


Jainai Jeffries

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