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L.A. move update: IT'S OFFICIAL + perks

Hello all!

So,...I'll finally be moving back to Los Angeles AUGUST 24th!!!

  • Benefiters have till August 19th to book before I leave (and possibly never come back to Portland area).

I made the decision this past week, reached out to studios that showed promise (I reached out to a few over a year ago), and I now officially have 3 guest spots set up (and more will be added as they are made official)![Please pay attention to the "more info" of each spot!]


First FIVE who book a tattoo session at any LA guest spot location will get a special lower rate as gratitude for being the first for L.A.! [5 because I'm in my 5th year of full time tattooing]!

I intend to basically 'Guest spot' tour around LA for an indefinite amount of time until I either find a Residency, or my have own space again.

While the tattooing is covered, I actually don't have a place to live yet (don't want to ask a friend or family, as I have my Sutra (@dobe.fyd) and don't want to bother folk. My cat Lafayette is easy tho.), but thought it best to take a leap of faith, considering I have only been booked 13 times in 2023. So until I find a decent apartment or house to rent, I'll probably stay at hotels if affordable. In time, I MAY break down and ask a fam to stay a week, but not anytime soon!


Grandfathering for life:

All who have gotten a tattoo from me during my pnw era, will forever receive a lower rate than whatever may be current, (but not quite as low as Benefiters)! It's the best way to show my appreciation for ya'll support! Really can't thank you enough, so I do hope this helps show said gratitude!

To accept, just mention it before you sign the consent form for future tattoo projects (offer can't be applied AFTER submitting said consent).

I know my operation is...unorthodox, like no other, and I also know how "new" can be a hurdle for some. So thank you SO much to all who took a leap of faith with me, despite whatever misgivings you may have had at first!


Again, thank you ALL of PNW for coming to me! I MAY have a final get together at some point, just to say bye and maybe give some things away. I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated!

Once more and always, THANK YOU! It's been a true honor tattooing you all! And I do hope you use the 'grandfather' perk and come back for more, wherever I may be!


Jainai Jeffries

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