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Instagram 10k tattoo giveaway!

IF my instagram reach 10k before the end of March:

To show my appreciation to you clients--No, you FANS, I felt it appropriate to offer a tattoo giveaway during my tattoo anniversary month! This giveaway is ONLY for past/upcoming tattoo clients and Benefit members! To enter, just submit this form!

Up to FIVE winners (one FREE + four $250/session)


Giveaway tattoo options:

Free, BUT will need to wait till I have a residency or a private space again:

· Custom up to medium size (no bigger than half sleeve) : black and grey or spot coloring


· Any Medium blink (

$250 per session, can book at any time:

· Custom up to large size (up to full sleeve)


· Any Medium OR Large blink

NOTE: If "upcoming", then if you win, your tattoo giveaway can only be a tattoo AFTER the upcoming tattoo is complete. To be "upcoming", you MUST get a tattoo BEFORE the end of march, OR already made a booking before this announcement.


Criteria + eligibility:

· Instagram reaches 10k BEFORE April 1st.

· Tattoo client (past or upcoming) and Benefiters fill out this form.

* upcoming: come get a small tattoo during March, then fill out this form when you come in for your appointment!

Once more and always: Thank ya'll SO much again for your support!

Bye for now,



Other current offers:

· 5th year anniversary celebration:

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