themed commission 

themed commissions created and delivered within the month of said theme. DIGITAL ONLY unless otherwise stated: ​

  • YCH = your character here (can be fan art, OC, or even fydbac character).

  • Not interested in the theme? See regular commission!

This service is subject to become exclusive to Benefiters without warning. Not a member? Join or miss out!

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. Previous themes .

. Never to be revisited. But MAY make exception for benefit supporters.


See 'help' for full list.

  • only Benefit Supporters have access to promo codes and lower rates on some selections.

  • public (non-supporter) promo codes are posted about once a year: when and where is never disclosed.

. Delivery .

  • email only

  • turnaround time: see above. 

    • No weekends or US holiday deliveries.

    • Process videos: delivered within 24hrs of sketch delivery.

. How it works .

Just like a regular online store.

  • New to this? I understand. "New" is always a bit confusing. Take your time. It's not for everybody, and that's okay :)

  • See 'help', for more assistance if needed.

|. On a phone? Use phone at your own risk. Best used with a tablet or PC .|

. Remember .

  • If your character is detailed, ( striped, colorful, patterns, etc.), be sure to add the proper "+details" if you want it added.


  • Please see 'help' for 'key-term' definitions and every possible question you may have.



  • No armor/ detailed clothing

  • No backgrounds

  • No reference links.

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