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    I do as much as possible for 1 full hour! From idea, conception, to creation. ONE HOUR(color NOT guaranteed). Because of that, I ONLY look at the visual ref, I read no other text. (see f.a.q. for more info)

    ✨Delivery: within the month of your order.


    • Single character only
    • No direction allowed. Exclusively artist reign on pose, fashion, mood, etc.. 

    Streaming is NOT a gaurantee!

    If Streamed:


    Delivery: Within the month of your order.

    Need help?:

    Benefiter?: Use the promo code on the promo page to use your promo perk!

    1 hr sketch

    Only 3 left in stock
      • 1 short link ONLY for a VISUAL reference. [ Use to shorten links if needed] NO TEXT.
      • OR written description only (no personality, no clothes, just describe the character visually within the character limit) 
      • NO other words allowed. No direction. Only one of the two options above, NOT BOTH.

      Ignore or try to work around the above, and I will cancel and refund your order without warning.

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