iron page

iron page

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A select # of studies of a character(s), each showing a different emotion.

  • PSD layerd file + jpg
  • Lines + very minimum effect (end product VARIES in execution)
  • No detailing (stripes, spots, scales,etc.).
  • Add "iron page expressions" (see storefront) to have a say in expressions.


Turnaround time: 14 business days, no weekends or us holidays.

Need help?:

  • Sketch v. Page

    Sketch: a single sketch with light shading.

    Page: various sketches on 1 page with NO shading.

  • character reference

    • 1 link ONLY.  Use if it needs to be shortened.
    • OR written description only (no personality, no clothes, just describe the character visually within the character limit) 


    • NO other words allowed. No direction. Only one of the two options above, NOT BOTH.

    Ignore or try to work around the above, and I will cancel and refund your order without warning.

  • # of studies

    The amount of character depictions that will be on the page.

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