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March 2021 | promo codes + updates!


So sorry for the lax in engagements! Didn't even realize I missed all of February!

First news:

Finally changed up the monthly perks!:

Haven't updated any new products/commissions in the exclusive store yet. In the meantime, please use the monthly codes!

Also, if it wasn't clear yet: Website got a bit of an upgrade! AND switched booking to the site directly, (same address, just different booking system).


fÿd mí ink UPGRADES

2nd year anniversary was March 1st!! All prices are upgraded from before, except for you Benefiters! You're benefiter rates don't upgrade till September 2021 (see f.a.q. for more info)


Benefiter UPGRADES

More like an upgrade on my end: No matter if joining Monthly or Annually, New benefiters are now automatically assigned their level!

I had annual sign up on a separate page, and I had to manually assign roles. NO LONGER.

So gradually, I hope to deliver monthly perks to specific levels thru these blog engagements!

ATTN: Members who can't see their benefiter status on the member page: that's because you are either in the OLD system, and need to switch over (by going to your paypal and cancelling, then coming back and joining thru more info in f.a.q.).

Annual member, you were manually assigned, so you can switch once your year is up OR, you can join the annual again, and simply have TWO full yr art funds.



REMEMBER ya have an art fund!

Cash out using the link under the Benefit Program tab.


HIGHLIGHTS to use ya code on.


I'll try to update the monthly once a month again (but do know, even if it doesn't the codes never expire, they simply have a limit of uses now). Still easing into a work schedule that'll work, while also still taking my time and not falling into old workaholic habits: still need to find the balance between work and personal projects (the NSFW 'delayed reaction') is coming along, then I'm hoping on a short NSFW of 'love hard' and "forgive this" comic (both which were sponsored, thank you again direct sponsors!).

Thank you immensely for your continued support in these times! It means a great deal! Looking forward to more personal work to share with you Benefiters!


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