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Human[$3] Benefiter: ONCE a year offer! + Hourly rate reminder!

Hello all!

Tomorrow is the 4th year of fÿd mí ink| tattoo boutique!

Aside from the tattoo giveaway (entry ends TODAY), and the one day (march 1st) booking special ($140/hr, $400/day: even if just booking a consultation, it'll still lock in the special rate),...The 'human' Benefiter tier is available! Only main perk is that it lowers the current hourly rate!

I am ONLY announcing it through this newsletter!

Either monthly OR the 'yearly' is possible (tho with yearly, it doesn't auto renew).

ALSO, it's that time of year again to raise rates (which raises March1st and Sept. 1st for non-benefiters, and only March 1st for Benefiters)! Pending the LA move, current rates for non-benefiters won't raise until September.

I've had my rate increases planned out:

  • Benefiters end cap hourly rate (the FINAL increase) = March 2024:

  • But If Benefiters hit 100 members before next year, then the increase will be split, meaning the end cap will be reached March 2025. )

  • NON-Benefiters end cap H-rate = September 2025 ( 3 increases will occur before then).

The Benefiter end cap H-rate will be between $250 - $320 LESS than end cap rate for NON-Benefiters.

I've always intended Benefiter perks to be more beneficial each year, and for it to ALWAYS allow me to be affordable (but fair) while still charging my full worth.

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