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APRIL 2020 | Stay Safe + promo codes


I hope you all are staying safe, physically and mentally!

To say March was a damn doozy is fucking understatement. Had a FANTASTIC turnout for my Friday 13th tattoo event, then that following week was just...damn. I feel it's healthy to acknowledge the suck and all it's degrees. But it's unhealthy for it to consume you.

SO, am I affected? Most definitely! Income is even more precarious for me and now BILLIONS more (rather than....semi-billions). Unfortunately, Tattooing on hold until further notice. Despite my own struggles being amplified by this new world (client/Benefiter struggles are my struggles), I know there are those who have it even worse still. Not sure how things will play out, but I find comfort in knowing things will play out. Yes, that makes 10a3p%!

For every downswing, there is an inevitable upswing! Just gotta ride this shit out, and know that no one is ever truly alone!

I sincerely hope you know you're not alone. We all have our struggles, but there is 99% chance there is someone else in your exact position, or have survived your position. I say 99%, cause [insert highly unlikely but technically plausible event here] could happen! YOU DON'T KNOW!

ANYWAY, be safe, do ya best, and may you be surrounded by the things that bring you joy (but not too much, too much of anything is bad).

I'll still be working my other career points: sketch commissions, character design, illustration, etc..and still trying to find time for comics. Speaking of....


RP Channel on discord, Open for beta testers!!!

I'll be setting up an RP channel based on the world of 'Forgive this' on my discord server soon!

I hope it'll provide folk with something fun in these times, as well as grant me opportunities to work on the comic, sell more character designs, AND the joy of seeing how folk play in one of my worlds with a few of my species (I have hundreds, and never mention how much I love seeing clients play with the designs I've made for them)!

Right now it's in beta, and I'm highly welcoming suggestions! To be beta and such, please do the following:

  1. Join my discord server (link on fydbac and all link hubs)

  2. In your 'Mandatory intro', request to be a rp beta tester.

  3. I'll assign ya and ya good to make suggestions in the rp channel!

As gratitude, RP beta testers who participate, will get first dibs and other special privileges!


HIGHLIGHTS to use ya code on.

To help prepare for when we finally emerge from this situation, a new promo code for all is available for gift cards [same under 'store' tab on]! Gift cards can be used for any booking that requires payment, in-store buys, and google form services (characo, tailor-made, and day-sketch). It just shaves a mystery %off (better than what was given on IG and the newsletter) in consideration to the world situation, my appreciation to you benefiters, and in celebration to when tattooing books can finally re-open!


As always, thank you SO much for your support! ESPECIALLY in these times. My art is my only income as you know, and so your support means a great deal even more!

Despite the above, please remember, don't hesitate to end your Benefiter status if ya struggling! You being a Benefiter in the first place is honor enough! My career is such that it's success explicitly coincides with that of my supporters, so ya gotta take care of yourself!


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