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Hello all!

So sorry I missed posting an engagement in JUNE. Ugh, time continues to escape me.

But not July.

Thanks to a kindness, for the 1st time ever, I won't need to take ANY new illustrative commissions. Aside from tattooing, I'll be working on all due orders and some fyd tales!

...a tall order...I know. But I'ma do my best! (been WAY too long....)

I'll post em, and send a blog, on, so please be sure you sign up on that site to access!


September tattoo rate increase

While non-benefiters have rate increases 2 times a year, March + September, Benefiters only have an increase in September. [At least until it hits the limit that would be most fair].

Rates starting September:

  • Hourly:

  • NON-benefiters: $200/hr

  • Benefiters: $140 - $160/hr

  • Royal Benefiters: $120 - $140/hr

  • Day:

  • NON-benefiters: $800/day

  • Benefiters: $700/day

  • Royal Benefiters: $600/day

  • Tattoo events:

  • NON-benefiters: $100/minimum

  • Benefiters: $80/min

  • Royal Benefiters: $60/min

Till then, feel free to take advantage of the last 2 tattoo events (one being tomorrow)!

Exceptions to increase

  • Those currently in the design finalization queue.

  • Those who's project is in progress. (already had 1st session)

  • Those of the consultation waitlist.

  • If you book before september (no matter the future date, but rescheduling will forfeit the rate lock).

Any questions or concerns, please remember to look through the f.a.q.! TONS of info there! But on the very off chance of still no luck, feel free to reply to this blog, or text!


Thank you once more and always for your continued support! Very much looking forward to sharing more 'fyd tales' with you, AND finishing due commissions and designs!


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