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Hi all!

With the new service, and regular sketch ending soon(?), I've finally set up a commission order page exclusive for Benefiters! So ALL future character adopts, potion adopts, special services, and ect. will be released on this page if they are pre-released or just exclusive for the time being.

Because things are so hectic, and I try to have something new to offer on the regular, I most likely won't make blog announcements for em, (especially as i feel most of ya'll pay closer attention to my twitter than these blogs ;) ).

There's already a pre-release up! And the first fully exclusive service MAY be regular sketch: I'm still unsure, as I do prefer iron sketch over regular, and the amount of regular orders are too low to be worth offering (I need to prioritize services that better assist in paying rent and bills right now). Please feel free to share your thoughts! I'll initiate it for sure if enough of YOU guys show interest!

Hope this is a worthwhile perk! I do love showing my appreciation for you all! Thank you SO much once again and always! Hope life is caressing ya softly these days!


Jainai Jeffries

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