August 2020 promo code: GIFT CARD

Hello Benefiters!

I'm SO very sorry missed ALL of July(!?) And damn near all of August!

It''s been a ride: Busy with tattoos & catching up with commissions. Taking my time with everything really.

Hope you all are taking care of yourselves! And if anyone is keeping you from that, may you be super petty and put them in their selfish ass place!

Anywho, to make up for not posting August promo codes, i figure I might as well try out the egift card! SO, an August perk for ALL benefiters...:

$50 gift card:

  1. Simply go to gift card site: Menu bar / store / gift card

  2. Input the following code: FYDAUG2020

  3. In "placing order", the total "you pay: $0" should be there (unless you add more than $50).

  4. You should receive a debit card like info you can use in booking and stores.

I'm so sorry for completely losing track and not posting the promo codes, I hope this makes up for it! You have till Aug 31st to use the promo code, but the gift card can be used whenever: so best to just activate it now before ya forget.

I hope to share more @fydtales 'first look' stuff soon + finishing the horror portrait (Both before September), more comics, voting opportunities, and etc.!

And I especially hope you are showing self love in these times! Very vital!

Please let me know your thoughts on the gift card! If it works out, I'm thinking of having it replace the art fund cash outs (this way you don't have to spend it all at once in

Bye for now! And once more and always, thank you IMMENSELY for the support!


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