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2020 review + HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021


Hope ya'll ready for the concept of time called a new "year"! And hope ya'll made sure to cash out ya art fund before it resets TONIGHT AT 12am PST!!!

Below is a tally of 2020 fydbac, llc activities! Work for kick ass (and thankfully patient) clients, and etc.:


2020 fydbac, llc results

Total: 312 (at least)

  • 64 Tattoos

  • 178 1hr sketch (2 months . march 28 - May 23)

  • 18 Iron page

  • 10 Characo

  • 13 finalizations

  • 3 tailor made

  • 4 char adopts

  • 9 horror portraits

  • 6 ych comic

  • 5 hatched adopts

  • 2 day sketches

[Based on my average of the past decade+: a slow year. Which is a GOOD thing: as I purposely took things slow and easy. Considering 2019, and the burnout acknowledgement of 2018, it seemed best. and it felt really good (despite the struggle to not fall into old workaholic habits]


Total NEW BENEFITERS: 25(!!!)

[More than any year EVER!]


fyd tales tally:

  • 45 (physical) books sold (!!)

  • 3 comic hours sponsored (!!)

[those sponsored hours are still being worked on (the workaholic habits won out this battle unfortunately]]


Personal work: ...5 (!?)

[*clutches heart and soul in pain* bad habits....]


Current to-do list:

3 tailor mades


9 tattoo design finalizations


I'm so very glad a majority of the overdue, from the downswing that was 2019, was completed and delivered! I'm honored by ALL benefiters, the patience of my clients who've had commissions in the 2019 unexpected turmoil, and just....beyond grateful to all who support my work and overall journey!

Thank you!!!

Hope you all haven't allowed the negatives of the year to get you down TOO hard! Absolutely no shame in acknowledging the bad and letting it run it's course mentally, just be careful to learn what ya can from it if possible, and not let it drown ya. For every downswing, there's an upswing to follow at some point!

Stay safe, be well, love, hate, laugh....and cash out ya art fund so I can show my appreciation in full!

See ya next year! [...with MORE fydtales and personal works dammit!!!!]

Jainai Jeffries

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