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+ misc./additional objects

+ misc./additional objects


Miscellaneous selections, extra items, slight backgrounds, file types, etc.

misc. object
file type
slight background
  • rule 34

    Rule 34 = [insert franchise] Porn (NC-17 rating only)

    Because there are some franchises out there that I appreciate too much to sexualize (for free).

  • huge object

    Increase quantity for each huge object you want in the sketch.


    Huge Object = an object at least half the size or bigger than the character by width and by length (so does not include long + thin objects, like a long sword.). Basically ask yourself: Is it so big it could be considered a second character?

  • files types

    • standard = my usual execution of the day. See gallery for examples.
    • coloring book jpg = along with the regular stream sketch background theme, I’ll send you a black lines on white background copy (for you to color or etc.. I may forget, so if I don’t send it, please remind me before the next stream start (at which point the psd will be saved over).
    • psd = the fully layered psd (no charge for patreon sponsors). Cannot be requested later, as psd is saved over with each new stream sessions.

    A fee for requesting select items on the BAN list. see 'help'.

  • slight background

    minimal background such as fog, clouds, or water.

  • additional object

    Increase quantity for each extra object per character.


    Additional object: You are entitled to request ONE specific item per character. But If you want to specify more than one, then select this add-on. (no matter what size: a helmet, weapon, toy, shield, etc.). Fee is applied to each extra object you specify.

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