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regular commission: client direction

regular commission: client direction

SKU: direction
  • ONE direction PER order. NO LINKS ALLOWED.
  • MUST ADD to order if you want to provide direction. 
  • If 'fydbac reign' or 'semi-fydbac reign: You do not need to add this.
I'm a...
  • client direction OR music sketch

    Client Direction |

    The direction is what you'd like to see in the sketch: specific pose, action, design change, clothing, etc.

    • character limit in place. NO LINKS ALLOWED.
    • ONE direction per order.
    • See f.a.q. for direction etiquette. 


    Music sketch

    The sketch is based off the song you provide.

    • Includes a process video with your song! [NO commentary]
    • For a commentary version, go to 'process video' product]


    One or the other, NOT BOTH!!

  • Why $?

    • It's the only convenient way to get your direction with the system.
    • It's fair compensation to make me into ones art puppet in any way :)
  • I am...

    • Regular client: NOT a benefit/patreon supporter of any level.
    • benefit 'human'+: You ARE a benefit/patreon supporter of at least 'Human' level.
    • benefit 'star dust'+: You ARE a benefit/patreon supporter of at least 'Star dust' level.

    Become a Benefiter: http://fydbac.com/benefit 


    More info in http://help.fydbac.com/


    If you are a 'Regular client', and pick one of the "benefits" anyway, We will cancel your order and black list you for an indisclosed amount of time without warning or compromise.

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