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Afromerican heritage flag pvc patch with velcro backing for dog collar/vests!


Purchase includes: ONE single, 2 in (W) x 1 in (H) afromerican heritage flag patch


I wanted one for my upcoming puppy (@dobe.fyd), but couldn't find any ANYWHERE.


So, I had some made! I'm keeping a few, but selling the rest (only 45). If they sale out in a certain time, I'll order more!


Note: Each sale goes towards puppy: food, toys, etc.

Afromerican heritage flag DOG patch

SKU: afropatch
  • ...for 1 inch collars ONLY! This is to attach the patch to collars WITHOUT velcro.

    Exactly as seen in the collar photos. Roughly about 3 inches each, enough to wrap around the band as shown.

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