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Tye . studies

Tye from 'Def Together': glowed up to 30yrs old.

The continuation is called 'Def Bonded'! R18 for action, drama, and sex.

Pretty much a majority of my comic are R18 just in case: cause i love the idea of having sex ba apart of the storytelling (and not that half assed softcore kinda sex scenes.

She has a bit of vitiligo in her eyebrows and under an ass cheek.

"yaziell" (yaya's full name) was tatted on her sternum, but Yaya forcibly took it off her when they were 19: Tye covered it with a bird, but then got "yaya" in braille on her neck.

Oh, and minute detail but...she has one of those eyes some black folk have where it seems melanin is heavy enough in the eyes to be seen.

I could go on and on...

As always, thank you for your support! I know things are slow concerning the comics, but they could be even SLOWER without your support. I'm always grateful for that.

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