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Sept 2018| PROMO CODES + updates!

For all codes,


Lots of changes this month! Site revamp, including front page, galleries, sketch service list, and [just today], promo codes!

The changing the colors and what not was always a hassle for me. And as it's been over a year, About damn time to spruce it up!

So for those with human or higher existence, head on over to

Please let me know what ya think!


REAPER illustration sketch!

.|. PSD + hi-res .|.

Can you download this hi-res by clicking this image? I don't know! Try it out?

Made for a supporter of the Overwatch Tarot deck I was a part of. A bit overboard I think I went, but was actually fun. I think I enjoy fan-art when it's on my terms: I say "think" cause I don't really think about fanart outside of "will this get me more traction" + knowing I rather work on my original content.


Paid plans | Wix app potential

So, just 10 minutes ago, I found that wix now has a "paid plans" app now.

I whipped up a little somethin here (only you guys have access through this blog):

It only shows the official Benefit member levels right now.

It looks like a benefit is that I wouldn't need to manually do certain things, which means it'll be automatic and I can instead just focus on original content goodness and commissions: such as calculate the total from the benefit program on . Manually assign new members their membership level, Site approval (for ) would be automatic I think...

It's still pretty new with them. The biggest highlight is the automatic calculating and level sorting. [members still contribute through paypal/debit or credit card though].

I'm thinking maybe keep the usual JOIN page for those wanting to be official members, but maybe this app can be for those who want a 1 time access? Or something.

Feel free to share your thoughts!


Well that's about it for now. Any input, questions, etc, please feel free to ask in this blog, or discord!

Once again and always, thank you so much for your support!

Back to work I go,

Jainai Jeffries | fydbac, llc

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