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New perks! cause it's the little things

My host have given a few new perks seemingly overnight! (Or I simply be overlooking their emails).

Either way, You guys have a more extensive Membership account!

  • A new blog!

  • A Forum!

  • Member list page (where you can chat with each other behind my back. And MAY be able to see your level?).

There was always the possibility of a "forum", but I thought against it cause I figured no one would want to talk, and the benefit member numbers is very low....but then I realized that was the before me talking. The one before my "share" initiative with more twitter activity. I always forget: most people are talkative, or have a need to be "engaging".

[Anything beyond the necessities (like, "excuse me" when bitches are walking too slow, or "pay me", etc.) is "talkative" to me.]

So, please feel free to explore! And def let me know what you think. OH, let me know what you think in the forum! Or a comment to this blog! I'd love to check out the new digs in all this. As with working on original projects like i.pity.mé, ®ich ethan, and etc.: it's not possible without your help. Alas, I am not omnipotent...yet. And I ain't rollin in the kinda money for beta testers before an official launch. So we explore all this together!

Once and always, thank you for your support!



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