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NEW Benefit Program sign up!


Current Benefiters are JUST FINE! I just thought to let you guys know directly that the sign up page is redesigned just slightly (for both monthly subscribers and one time payers). It STILL uses paypal for monthly subscribers, but if you were to upgrade (cancel current membership), then the you'll sign up through the new system, which should be more convenient for you (and me) to manage your membership!

One last time, YOU DON"T NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING! This is just a courtesy heads up that signing up has been renovated a bit.

Now back to working on these late i.pity.mé pages!

Once more, thank you SO very much for your support! Any questions, feel free to ask!

ALSO, if you prefer, you are more than welcome to cancel and re-join using the new interface: And please feel free to give me your feedback on if it really is an improvement!

Kick ass out there!


The new One time sign up page!

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