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Nation .|. Black Gold

Hi all,

Just one more profile for Black Gold left! I wanna do profiles for the "mains" of each of the top 5(....6) long term comics. "Rich Ethan" is next, then Saving "i.pity.mé" for last: it's Hara, Park, and Kwiet, so then right onto posting comic pages again!

A little bit on 'Black Gold': the magic featured is biological, meaning they can manipulate specific body parts, Usually only just one part: heart, eyes, skin, etc..

  • One can only be born with it ("birth rite"). And those born into it their body part, are more powerful than those who "learn" a new part.

  • Users are universally called Mags, and different regions have different nicknames: Magir, Bodies, or etc.. Ones birth rite is what Mag one is referred to as: Nation is a Heart Mag.

  • "Spells" (how one can manipulate said body part), is referred to as "works" or "jobs".

  • If one "learns" a new part, it can only be of one that connects to one's birth right.

  • Example: Nation's birth rite are hearts, he can learn blood works, but not skin works.

  • Each Mag has a community ("body") that takes responsibility and have rules for their members. The most deadly are the Hearts.


Nation, 28yrs old, a son of a freed black ex-slave and a born free black/native woman. He wants to buy a whole city as far away as possible from white americans to protect his family. Things get complicated as he realizes he feels more for Amor than he thought.

  • At 8 or 10, his dad is the one who helped him accept he was a boy, and encouraged him to live as such.

  • His worst thing in life was being pregnant, which he only agreed to do for his first wife.

  • It was after the birth of his kid that he physically transitioned: A permanent spell involving a genital magir and birthing magir (both hard to come by and expensive, but they both owed him a debt). Instead of a period, he grows the cock he would've had if his body was born male. That and his breast were all he had done, (cause, "these're ma's hips" ).

  • His eyes fluctuate between hazel and gray, but turns pink+red and expand when using his heart magic.

  • He was always on the anti-social side, but became Irreversibly sociopathic thanks to his first wife and the wars he fought.

  • Fashion would be classified as goth western.

  • He's a secret fugitive of his Mag community, cause he uses it in a way that is taboo: which is why most people mistaken what Mag he is. Meaning he's a "kill on site" to other Heart Mags.


If that's too much sharing, let me know! I am only sharing a fraction of that publicly right now ;)

Thank you for your continued support! Especially the last few months, and ESPECIALLY this month. I hope ya doing well out there! As always, feel free to share your thoughts!



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