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Mural services?

Hey Benefiters!

Sorry for another post so soon! I just realized I could share a 'behind the scenes' with you!

The sudden-ish drop in commission orders have left me just about dead in the waters (my contingencies just aren't enough to catch up to the increased drop): To compensate, I've been looking for other work, preferably not one that will turn my career into a ...benjamin button art career, (working a non-art job that'll kill me soul).10yrs of experience have just left me inflexible to such things that is more meant for the aspiring stage of one's career: not AFTER career was established and nurtured for a decade.

So finding any art path that will help me avoid that route for as long as possible AND give me flexibility to nurture the tattooing uninterrupted: one of the paths I'm looking to adopt is murals. Mostly, I've been visiting businesses in my area (who are more aware of my services in general, or been friendly with). But I have 2 projects I made a full proposal slideshow/pdf + a video.

1, and the first, was a proposal for my apt. complex. Basically in exchange for rent + parking being waived = mural on each floor. And 2, a mural project by the city had an open call. So here are those videos!

I'm still unsure if either will come to fruition, but if just one of them does, I feel I'll be in a much better place.

Again, thank you so much for your support! Hopefully the next blog will be a comic page, or another adopt!



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