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May 2020 | promo codes


I hope ya'll treating yourself well in these times! In spite of the state of things, that should be the very least we can do for our own sake! Hope ya holed up with folk who aren't grating on ya damn nerves either!

I hope do do another self love time this month, and this time from Monday to Friday in full at least.

Till I figure that out, here are the promo codes for this month! So sorry a bit late on launching them!


HIGHLIGHTS to use ya code on.

To help prepare for when we finally emerge from this situation, a new promo code for all is available for gift cards [same under 'store' tab on fydbac.com]! Gift cards can be used for any booking that requires payment, in-store buys, and google form services (characo, tailor-made, and day-sketch). It just shaves a mystery %off (better than what was given on IG and the newsletter) in consideration to the world situation, my appreciation to you benefiters, and in celebration to when tattooing books can finally re-open!

Thank you immensely for your continued support in these times! It means a great deal! Looking forward to more personal work to share with you Benefiters!


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