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fydbac publishing? Benefiter POLL

Hey all!

I'll be setting up my own publishing house....that publishes my own stories only (for now).

What with so many fucking ideas, The top five, the 4 season comic plan, and the short comics (delayed reaction, def bonded, part time, etc), it seems best to have one single place a person can find them all at.

Just gotta think of a name for the publishing house. Doing a poll on twitter, but the one that really matters is you guys.

[Just in case the below don't work: https://fydbac.typeform.com/to/CuzPXY]

I know, I can just carry on as is under fydbac,llc. But having them under a 'doing business as' will not only prove a point that I'll make my own brand in spite of other publishers saying I don't fit theirs, (or not believing in me) + my unwillingness to trust Image comics and etc.), but it'll be a compromise to me realizing most folk are drawn to those who provide specific niches (anthro twink, hetero porn, female bodies, etc.). It's just a matter of consolidating and a website redesign (http://ipity.me), so no "money I don't have" is needed.

And seeing as how my niche basically doesn't cater to any niche (or at least none of the largely profitable ones), perhaps I'll draw folk in if I make my "niche" easier to determine. And having all my stories under a single umbrella may assist in that.

I call my niche: positive nihilistic existential dualism told through qpoc thug nigga shit.

Thank you so much for your time and input! And always, for your support!!!



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