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fyd tales .|. UPDATE

Hey all!

So I made some (hopefully), improvements to ! Should be more smoother for smart phone users, and I finally cut the "Active" to 4: to better fit the seasonal rotation once Benefit membership reaches the right goal! Please check it out and let me know what ya think!

ALSO, I launched a new "Active" series! All due to the feedback received on twitter when I first mentioned it.

A mystery embodied priest roams around helping people forgive, especially if they need help accepting that "forgiving" isn't what will help them.

A comic that explores different kinds of "forgiveness", particularly NON-forgiveness, and how that's okay too. Forgiving someone doesn't make one a good or better person, and no one should feel it's their responsibility to do so, and definitely shouldn't feel bad because they can't.

I'll start the profiles after I get 'rich ethan' and 'ipityme' off my chest.

A short peak of what will be in 'Forgive this': twins, monster boyfriends, mystery backstories.

OH, and one last clue: They ain't no christian/catholic priest. I bet that's what ya thought huh? HUH!?

Back to horror commissions and other due work now!

Once more and always, thank you for your support!



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