fyd publishing!

On and off over the last few days: I felt it important to get to it sooner rather than later since original comic consolidated knowledge = possible interested folk = more benefit members = more original content / less financial dire stress!

Check it out!

[it's live, and still using i.pity.mé's address, but I won't announce it publicly yet. Hoping for feedback from you guys :) + still deciding on a name].

Please feel free to share your thoughts! [some are missing connections of course, but otherwise, mostly done]. Part of how I put it together so fast between other work and such, was a new feature wix has. Otherwise, it would've been a much longer wait time.

Thank you so much for your support as always!

Back to commissions I go,


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Hi all! SO very sorry, looks like the egift cards will only work in the booking page and tattoo/ wall art. For now anyway. I apologize, i was too excited to actually take more time to look: I assumed

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