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Cifer . studies

Shoulda been workin on comics and commissions, but did this instead. Felt really good.

I know I don't talk about the 'Loell' project much: about how what humans call "hell" is actually the first earth, Loell, while humans are the secondary sister universe that came afterward. Vil and Kin were the mains...but everytime I think of Cifer x Bish, I get really fucking happy. So Vil and Kin are now the secondary, and Cifer x Bish are the main.

Only a very slight change from his initial design, his nose was long and dropped down like a owl. One day, he realized it'd get in the way should he decide to finally kiss Bish, so he took it upon himself to slice it off in prep for that day.

Once more and mothafuckin' always, thank you for the support! Promo codes and more comic pages coming soon!

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