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Char adopt #34

Took WAY too long to get to! But finally another weredobe!

I'll be sharing on insta and twitter tomorrow, but ya'll seeing the full adopt package first. Sorry for not having it exclusive for a week or so, but ya'll can still utilize ya'll other perks, including the promo code!

Got one more idea for a character adopt, and I'll try to have that one be exclusive for a bit.

In the meantime! Here is some exclusive species details that's shared on

  • If human form is voluptuous or thick: were- form is muscular/slim. If skinny human: were-form is very sick/dying.

    • This is why the were-form appears to be at least 2 x bigger than the human form.

  • If human form have tattoos, the were-form tends to hide the ink in it’s transformation: and no fur grows where the ink would be.

  • Natural female breasts don’t appear in the were-form (such as feral female 4 legged animals don’t have breasts), so they appear as just muscular “male” pecs.

  • Culturally, they don’t have a sense of “gender”, and “sex” is just a procreation aspect.

  • For strong were-babies, it’s preferred to be seminanted while all involved are in were-form.

  • Those who menstruate tend to be able to control their transformation sooner than those without.


Any questions, please refer to the f.a.q.! No help there, feel free to ask in a comment to this post!

And now....

Once again and always, thank you for your support! And I do hope you are taking care of yourself, and not allowing some jackass to tell ya otherwise!



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