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Call for Advice

Hi all,

I had a longer post but....as someone who don't naturally share their troubles, I feel I overshare when I do ( cause it feels folk rarely understand me, so I overcompensate....like this damn sentence).

ANYWAY, I figured you lot are the only folk I can ask this of: assuming you support me knowing I've been in this career for 10yrs full time, and have done nearly, if not all, of everything. I just really don't appreciate the feeling of folk ignoring my 10yrs of experience and recommending things as if I'm a novice. I haven't gotten a useful advice since...in years.

My biggest flaw I see: I'm late these days. (I shared those causes before). Other than that (which clients have made me think is not TOO bad), I'm not sure what I've done. Too professional + too intimidating are reasons I've heard too many times. I have a decent idea of what I can, won't, and need to do (some I'm in the process of doing, like 'fyd tales' for one).

Things are...slow. Dire. I've technically been in the red for...1.5yrs I think (at least that's how long it's been sense I've been able to go grocery shopping regularly). Past 3 months especially have been...

I don't know why folk are not commissioning enough. I know folk are struggling, an unbalanced too many, but i also know folk are definitely spending money.

So I ask you Benefiters...name something you'd like to see me offer, or do? Please remember, I have A LOT (which might be one of the problems, but that's another topic), so if ya need a refresher, fydbac.com and the f.a.q. may help.

Thank you for your time! Hope this wasn't TOO long. Just...thank you so, SO much!


Jainai Jeffries

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