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about art tutoring

These are not planned lessons! This is simply 1 hour of sharing my 13+yr experience as a career artist to assist you in whatever topic/issue you'd like: creating original concepts, anatomy, design, building an art business, etc..


Topics I can share my personal approach on:

  • Anatomy
  • Concept design
  • Nurturing ones own creative voice
  • Art business ethics

Where is the tutoring held:

  • In-person: location mentioned in booking.
  • Online (Benefit Members ONLY): We meet up on the discord server.

How to request |.

Booking page on

  • If you are unable to book, that means Art Tutoring is unavailable. Sign up for the newsletter to get notified for when it becomes available.

Non-Benefit members|.

  • Booking limit: 1hr /day
  • Minimum booking notice: 4 days
  • Maximum booking notice: 7 days
  • Location: In-person only
  • Rate: $100/session
  • Available Slots: 5

Benefit members|.

  • Booking limit: 1hr /day
  • Minimum booking notice: 2 days
  • Maximum booking notice: 1 month
  • Location: In-person OR online
  • Rate: Free (additional sessions require a fee, see 'booking').
  • Available Slots: 5

Benefit Member perk: Only Prince and higher can reserve this perk.


'Promo Codes' and 'Art fund' cannot be applied to the Art tutoring.

Requesting more sessions ..

Each session beyond the allotted perk detailed above, I must ask for compensation: Visit booking to view the current rate* for additional sessions (for both online & in-person sessions).

*Rate is subject to change without warning. But will ALWAYS be less than Non-benefit members.

Cancellations & Refunds|.

See "About booking" for cancelling and rescheduling policies: it's the same for all booking types. No exceptions.



  • Join fydbac discord for possibly faster reply
  • Only use ONE for an inquiry: discord or contact.
  • 'Draw over demonstrations', are when I draw over a copy of your work to demonstrate a given advice.

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