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Various tattoo work, ALL original: no copying, no mimicry. Custom work is on an hourly rate, While pre-made (flicker, bolts, FLO, and Blink sheets) are all flat rates.

Freestyle tattooing: NO mimicking, NO copying!



Pre-made designs

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Pre-made designs are ALL flat rate! Flickers, Bolts, FLO, and blink sheets (only during tattoo events). NEVER repeated/recycled!

Once taken, it's GONE.

Starts @ $200



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504 Washington St. Suite 8, Vancouver, WA 98660

Payment Options

Cash , Debit/Credit, paypal: fydbac@gmail.com , cashapp: $fydbac

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~Benefiters automatically get $20-$40 off the hourly rate, unlock the $31 rate for tattoo event sheets, & more!

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