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Thanatos fan art [hades video game]

Had this on my mind since I met him in game and claimed him as my fav.

I can never do straight fan art, it ALWAYS gotta be my own AU concept of em! My soul would strike against my body if I forced a canon fan art. + I didn't feel like looking at refs, so I just went by memory + whatever the fuck I wanted.

The hades art is great, and it was as much fun to add a lil bit as the art itself made it seem.

I wanna do lead character concept for such a game SO BAD!!!!

Benefiters can download this hi-res and print as a poster if ya want:

I'll post da small res on twitter and ig tomorrows.

Once again and always, thank you SO much for the support! Don't forget to take advantage of ya perks!

Be kick ass and do much self care! Back to tatt designs and other commissions I go!


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