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Secret Instagram account!?

Hi all!

So...if you don't already know, I'll be getting a pup!

An official goal since about 2016, with research having started in 2014.

I'm FINALLY just 1 goal away from being ready: thanks to all you Benefiters, commissioners, tatt clients, basically all supporters!

In my research, I really enjoyed seeing others journey in their pup. So in contributing to that, I always intended to set up an IG account. Where as soon as a pup is finalized, and the breeder starts sending picks, I'ma start posting.

1 picture/post a day for the entire 1st year with em!

I believe I finally settled on the name (no matter what sex, but I'm going for a red boy), and that led to the ig name.

So, ONLY revealing to you guys:

I won't share it publicly till either I leave a deposit with a breeder, or I get confirmation of a pup.

Okay, I best get back to work!

Thank ya'll once more and always for the support!



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