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Oct 2019 | promo codes!

Hi Benefiters!

October codes are now live! I hope ya take full advantage of em! I love giving back the support you give me!

Your support has been an HUGE help! Body aches all last month slowed up work and attempts to go out to promote and take initiative in art teaching and other art minded jobs to compensate the nose dive of orders. Just playing catch up at the moment! And VERY thankful for the latest art service bringing in orders.

A reminder, if slots for cocktober and horror portraits sell out, you guys alone will be able to still order! The day before halloween being the final day: As I have a tattoo event on halloween and the day after halloween, more info on

Back to todays workload!

Hope ya staying feed and warm out there! Remember, with every downswing in life, there is an inevitable upswing at some point. Just keep pushing, and know I'm doing the same!



If no commission in mind, please feel free to use the ALL LEVEL code towards supporting a comic directly: just upgraded 'fyd tales'!

Access the other codes:

Code for ALL levels to use!

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