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i.pity.me UPDATED!!@*!!

Finally finally!

A long...LONG ...nearly 4 month hiatus! August to October were...difficult. Thanks to great generosity of monetary support for comic pages specifically, I'm finally able to end the hiatus!

So, pg 53 is now posted in the Benefit member area : http://ipity.me/early-access

(If you did not sign up for membership there, please do so!). They will stay exclusive early access until I finish 5 pages: At which point I'll release 1 page a week to the public!

A big shout out to those who sponsored the hours of pg 53: Vexinglyyours@twitter (1hr.) + Mike H. (3hr.) + Hannah D. (1hr.)

Still more to come thanks to a big sponsor earlier! I will shoot for 1 pg a week, but can't say for sure. Here's to working towards getting more members to join, And/or sponsor to support more hours!

Once more and always!

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