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quick help commission

'Quick help' is short concise answers to a few questions. For more in-depth information, please read through the full 'help'.


What do you NOT accept: i.e., your ban list?

No anthro tongue kissing, scat, self deprication, shota, lolita, beastiality, someone elses design without their permission (excluding mainstream characters: dbz, ghibli, etc.).

Are you open for commissions?

If the service order form or store product is accessible, then it's open.

How much do you charge?

Please see the specific service for current price, delivery time, and more.

Can I give a description (pose, clothes, action, etc.)?

No, everything is up to me UNLESS otherwise offered: If allowed, the service of choice will have a section for it.

Do you provide preliminary sketches?

No preliminary sketches for sketches, unless otherwise offered. 

When will my piece be delivered?

Within 14 business days, unless otherwise stated in the service info.

What art services do you offer?

It varies, but active services are under 'commission'/'custom' tab on

Also see the following for past, and current services:

Can I use the final piece for profit, promo, etc.?

No. NEVER. I maintain all profit rights to my work unless otherwise discused.

How can I contact you if needed?




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